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Four Character Images From Pixars Brave (And Sort Of A Fifth)

Bleeding Cool: Here are four of the characters from Pixar’s Brave: Princess Merida, Queen Elinor, The Wise Woman and Lord MacIntosh. They will be voiced by Kelly MacDonald, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and Craig Ferguson respectively.

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Soldierone4063d ago

Gotta say I just ran circles mentally in my head due to the excitment of hearing about this film. The only thing i dont like, and i mentioned it in another comment, is the curly hair for the girl. Im sure it will play a role in making her more friendly to the kids, but thats something ill have to find out to like.

I honestly see curly hair for witches and what not.

darklordzor4062d ago

Damn! Pixar has taken the pictures down! I didn't get there in time to see them. I'm really looking forward to this film, as it's an original fantasy story from them.

-MD-4062d ago

The best pic was the one as the article image. At least we can see that.

darklordzor4062d ago

True, at the very least I get that.

alycakes4062d ago

I thought it was just my PC that I couldn't get any pictures.

Sahil4062d ago

Not really interests me, I think am over animated movies :D

Soldierone4062d ago

Did the trailer hit online yet? or anyone happen to save the pictures and wanna share?