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Jamie Foxx is Tarantino's Django

As was previously reported, Tarantino has been eyeing several candidates for the role of Django in his movie Django Unchained. Originally, Will Smith was offered the role. However, later it was revealed that Smith might be on the verge of refusing the role. At that point, a few other candidates moved to the forefront of the casting list. Now, it has been confirmed that Will Smith has indeed backed out and the role has been passed to another.

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Crazay4482d ago

Well I guess we can chalk this up as a movie I'll never see.

JL4482d ago

Why not? Don't like Foxx? What's wrong with him?

Crazay4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Jamie Foxx is an ass - His comments in support of Michael Vick during the dog fighting fiasco disgusted me. I vowed never to watch another one of his movies after that much like I vowed never to tune into NFL or pay for NFL licensed products ever again once Vick was reinstated into the league.

And in all honesty, my love for Tarrantino is all but lost after the last few pieces fo garbage he put out. I no longer feel he's a director of any importance or relevance.

-MD-4482d ago

Garbage? I've enjoyed all of Tarantino's recent films.

dc14482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Jamie never approved or condoned the Vick's actions.
You need to ease up a little and understand the Historically - Dog Fighting in America and Europe was a common an legal activity for centuries (hundreds of years).
Granted .. it doesn't make it right in the least.

Vick's arrest a convection has done more good for awareness than any activist group would want to admit.
and lastly,.. right now today, there are hundreds of Dog Fighting operations in the south unabated.
Vick was caught, paid a penalty and is working to educated and eradicate the blood sport. You can do yourself a favor and take a breath or... point your attention and frustrations to the hundreds of Dog Fighting operations currently in flight.

socomnick4481d ago

Yup i wont see it either.

Jamie foxxx is a stain that needs to be washed away.

He is soo annoying.

I swear I was rooting for tom cruise to kill him in collateral.

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JL4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Eh, I don't get caught up in celebrities personal lives and that tabloid stuff for the most part (didn't even know Foxx did that). And I surely don't judge their art on that stuff either. It's like Mel Gibson. I know he's bat-shit crazy and done some stupid stuff, but I'll still watch his movies, cause they're usually good.

Just like any other art/entertainment medium. Metallica for instance. I hated the way they handled that whole Napster thing, but their music is good so I'll still listen to it.

As for Tarantino: I really liked Inglourious Basterds. Thought it was real good. And the one before that, Deathproof, I enjoyed as well, for what it was: a B-movie style throwback flick.

FlashXIII4482d ago

Lol bringing Metallica into it, I'll listen to their music too after the whole napster thing.. will download it as my own way of giving those sellouts the middle finger and enjoy it all the same!

artsaber4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

People have killed other HUMANS and have served less time than Mike Vick. And how does someone (especially "if" a friend) who offers support to someone when they get in trouble, make them an ass? Just because it doesn't support your ideas of what you think Foxx should do?

Foxx is a great actor/comedian/singer - Tarantino tries to go against the grain sometimes to a fault, but he has done some great work. That should be enough to interest most people. And if you refuse to watch football because Vick plays in the league (something I don't believe)then the NFL doesn't need viewers like you. How about all those other athletes that play for different teams that volunteer and donate to disabled children, cancer patients, and animal shelters, etc. They had no control over Vick's (or anyone else's) original mistakes, nor the NFL's decision to allow his return. So you'd throw the baby out with the bath water and over look all the positive contributions of hundreds of decent entertaining athletes? Because of One player? Illogical.

I really don't mean for this to be a personal attack, but I dislike anyone's holier than thou attitude, as if they've never done something wrong. And TBH, I'm GLAD Vick came back, it made the league exciting again. I know it pissed people off how he OWNED the spotlight in the season, and the All Star game by making every other athlete on the field look like 3rd string in talent. Breaking all those NFL records and what-not. So that is the caliber of player you'd keep out of the league due to your personal problems and inability to forgive. Good grief, if people were perfect, they wouldn't need Jesus. Vick has redeemed himself, if you can't get over it, you need to seek medical attention for your problem - real talk.

On topic: I will check this movie out.

Crazay4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

Jamie Foxx isn't that funny, nor have I found anything he's been in to be all that good. For me, he's not someone who I ever liked watching and his comments about Vick cemented that.

I never said that all of his previous work was bad - I love Pulp fiction and even really liked Reservoir Dogs and From Dusk till Dawn is one helluva wicked ride. His more recent work doesn;t work for me. I was hugely disappointed in Inglorious, despised Kill Bill and was surprised by how underwhelmed by Death Proof

Funny how people say things like "I don't mean for this to be a personal attack" when that's what they're doing but say what you will. There are really just a few people on here whose opinion of me actually means anything.

For the record, The NFL thing was the straw that broke the camels back for me as there are other reasons I'm so disenchanted with the league. So take your "medical attention" comment and shove it - Real Talk

alycakes4482d ago

I'm not that crazy about Foxx either but I'm still going to go see a Tarantino film...I'm not going to let that stop me from seeing a movie that I know is probably going to be one of the best movies that year especially with the rest of the cast he's put together....that would be dumb for me not to see it.

Foxx is a good actor if he's doing serious acting. I don't like some of his comedy too much but he's done good on his serious stuff so we'll see how this turns out.

Anyway...just like anyone else..I try to think about the movie and who else is in it and who made it. One person doesn't make a whole movie's gonna take more than that to keep me away.

Sahil4482d ago

Jamie Foxx.. ehhh.. ok, not that exciting.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34482d ago

I'm a little disappointed because I was hoping that QT would go with a less famous black actor; there are so many overlooked ones like Idris Elba or Chiwetel Ejiofor. Oh well, I geuss you still need a star to anchor your film. Most people don't go out to watch a movie based on a director alone.

JL4481d ago

Idris was in the running, but he signed on for del Toro's "Pacific Rim".

That being said, movie-making is still very much a business. As such, even the most famous of directors sometimes need a name attached to their movie in order to get studio support.

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