Emma Stone Eyes 'Zombies' Lead

Emma Stone may be heading back to the world of zombies.

The actress, who memorably appeared as Jesse Eisenberg’s love interest in Zombieland, has been offered the lead in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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alycakes4073d ago

Cool....I wish they would make a Zombieland 2

-MD-4073d ago

According to IMDB Zombieland 2 is shooting for a 2013 release. But yeah the first one did so well it's almost guaranteed we see a sequel or two.

alycakes4073d ago

Allright! that makes my day for today.

Soldierone4073d ago

I wonder if they will continue the story with the same characters, or if it will be something new in the same environment.

I'm interested. Purely based off the fact this one wasn't being made at the same time as the first one.

-MD-4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

I'm down with this. Emma+zombies = good times.

By the way is this supposed to be a serious zombie film mixed with a love story or more light-hearted?

alycakes4073d ago

I hope it's more light hearted and funny.

-MD-4073d ago

Of course as a guy I want a gore fest xD