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Green Lantern MovieStinger (Re)View

MovieStinger: "Green Lantern has many ingredients for a summer blockbuster: a comic book superhero base, a galaxy of stars, a pinch of thrilling action sequences… all sweetened with a dash of obligatory laughs and richly seasoned with loads of special effects (in 3D, of course). Unfortunately for Warner Bros., that recipe doesn’t always translate into success."

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Whitepony234062d ago

Not surprised..Captan America looks a thousand times better!

Soldierone4062d ago

I dunno. The trailer sure doesnt entice me. Personally if i didnt already read Captain America comics, i wouldn't be too interested in it. Seems like a LOT of talking, the trailer hardly has any action in it. Especially if you compare it to the trailer for the game version, which is non stop action and interests me way more.

Not saying im not interested, but Green Lantern has always had better stories IMO (my opinion reiterating cus thats been needed on the internet lately lol)

JL4062d ago

I can't say I'm much interested in either one. Of course, I'll eventually watch both, but neither truly entices me or gets me excited.