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The Daily Rotation: Bad Teacher Review

Noah of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Me being from the good old United Kingdom, I had a terrific start to the cinematic year. Academy Award nominated epics such as True Grit, The King’s Speech, The Fighter and 127 Hours, as well as some other truly fantastic films, like Blue Valentine and Animal Kingdom graced the silver screen. Up until now, everything was going so well. There had not been a true stinker in sight. That is, until Bad Teacher was released. What promised to be a fun, satirical romp is, in reality, a piss poor comedy that over relays on clichés and curse words to gain its laughs. Many also expected Cameron Diaz to go back to vintage comedic form, like she showed perfectly in There’s Something About Mary. I can also report that is certainly not the case. Whilst better here than in last summer’s pointless Knight And Day, she is not a revelation. 2010′s classic The Social Network was not only a near perfect film, it also demonstrated to us, the movie connoisseur, that Justin Timberlake can, indeed, act! Bad Teacher, on the other hand, will make you lose any faith in him that The Social Network may have given you. He is utterly rotten here. Totally unlikeable and unfunny."

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CobraKai4063d ago

This movie looks hilarious. Kinda reminds me how I'd be if I was a teacher. Definitely gonna see this. But first... DARK OF THE MOON!!

krazykombatant4062d ago

Cameron Diaz has gotten older and this movie didn't seem vaguely funny to me. I understand some people like her but maybe its cuz i don't like blondes but this movie is a pass for me.