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Shadowlocked - Exclusive: Anthony Head Talks Merlin, Sold And His £2000 Phone Call

Shadowlocked - As one of the most iconic actors ever to emerge from England, Anthony Head really is the definition of a true great. Comedy, drama, live theatre – Head has done it all, bringing his classic style of acting to each and every role. Best known as Rupert Giles in the Joss Whedon vampire classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Head has since diversified into other areas of acting. In recent years, he's guest starred in Doctor Who, found success as the Prime Minister in Little Britain, and at present is portraying Uther in the BBC's smash hit Merlin.

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alycakes4064d ago

I love Anthony Stewart Head. He was great on Buffy and now on Merlin. I remember him when he started doing the coffee commercials that told us a story. He's just getting older but he's still handsome and has that sexy accent.