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Top 5 Tuesday: The Top 5 Worst Superhero Films of the Last 10 Years

From TMP:

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday, a column that celebrates turkey bacon, comfy shorts, and inexplicable 3-week-long hiatuses. Each week we'll be listing off the Top 5 persons, places, things, or ideas of our own choosing. This week, in celebration of the release of Green Lantern, TMP brings you: "The Top 5 Worst Superhero Films of the Last 10 Years."

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JL4635d ago

I was with you up until the last two. I actually liked Elektra for the most part. And I didn't think Wolverine was as bad as others seem to think. And there's absolutely no way I'd ever say either of those were worse than The Spirit. That movie was horrible.

I would absolutely take Elektra off and put Catwoman instead. Or Batman and Robin. Or Supergirl. Or how about that Pamela Anderson one, Barbed Wire..? Oh no, even better....Shaq as Steel!

Christopher4635d ago

What _JL_ said. Even Daredevil wasn't as bad as The Spirit or Catwoman.

darklordzor4635d ago

Catwoman was an abomination, but he disqualified that from the list earlier with his various guidelines for what was eligible.

And I actually like Daredevil. Fighting wasn't that great and the action was kind of boring, but the story was fairly decent.

hazelamy4635d ago

i agree with catwoman, those other films are all too old for this list though, it's just the last 10 years.

i know batman and robin still haunts many people to this day, so it probably feels more recent, but it was released like 14 years ago.

JL4635d ago

Ah, right. In the last 10 years. Stupid me, totally overlooked that lol

darklordzor4635d ago

Oh Supergirl! I forgot about that one. I remember watching that as a kid. Back then though, I actually enjoyed watching it.

JL4635d ago

Nope. Even back when I was a kid I remember thinking how ridiculous that movie was lol

darklordzor4634d ago

Lol, that's funny. But I've always loved some cheesy movies. I don't know why but I always did. That and I loved Superman so much I think my child mind just overlooked all the bad stuff.

hazelamy4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

how the hell is catwoman not on the list?
it should really be number 1 but at the very least it should be on that list.

the spirit did have one thing going for it though, samuel l jackson.

Sahil4635d ago

Does Green hornet count as a superhero movie, if it does.. then it was pathetic!

darklordzor4635d ago

Really?! I liked Green Hornet. I thought they did a good job with that one. It wasn't the greatest and it definitely wasn't a typical comic book movie, but I thought it worked.

-MD-4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

Green Hornet was pretty disappointing. So much hype for a mediocre movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34635d ago

I didn't think TGH was terrible persay...I enjoyed the slick camera work from Michael Gondry but the movie doesn't really give us anything we haven't seen in other comic book films. And I was kind of disappointed in Seth Rogen's performance; he basically resorted to playing the same character he does in every Judd Apatow film.

JL4635d ago

I wouldn't say it was pathetic, but it definitely was disappointing and nothing I'd ever recommend to anyone. But yea, there are some on this list that I definitely liked better than Green Hornet.

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-MD-4635d ago

The Spirit was just flat out bad. I tried watching it 4 times and could never sit there longer than 30-40 minutes.

Winkle924635d ago

I liked The Spirit. But that's just me.

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