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They Died So Young: Five Great One Season Shows

It's a part of the nature of the television industry for shows to be canceled before they have reached their conclusion, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept when it happens to a show you love. In three installments, I'll be taking you back over some of the best short-lived television series, while trying not to reopen any old wounds. Starting with an eclectic mix of shows that never made it out of their freshman season that all share one similarity: ending before they should have.

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-MD-4066d ago

My friend regularly brings up Firefly to this day. Actually he was talking about it this morning too.

Weren't there talks of bringing it back?

alycakes4065d ago

I only wish! They won't bring it back but I wish they would do another movie at least with the same characters that are left before they get too old....none of this replacing the actors with someone else because then it wouldn't work. For me it wasn't so much the show. It wouldn't have been possible without those actors playing those parts. I watch the 14 episodes on a regular basis at least once a year and the movies more than that.

The other ones I want to mention are Touching Evil...that was also one of those shows that should have worked and didn't....some people just don't appreciate good shows. Then there's Keen Eddie..........that was also a great show and I could have watched that for a few years but no....someone had to go and cancel it as well.

Still as much as i will always nag about cancelled shows the only one I'll always regret the most will be was the only one that made sense.