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Pictures of Vehicles From 'The Avengers'

While Joss Whedon’s The Avengers movie is a fairly anticipated project, we haven’t seen much from the set. Now, though, we get a glimpse of some interesting pictures. Said pictures, show off S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles that are being transported to the set for filming that is currently going on in New Mexico.

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darklordzor4065d ago

Eh...nothing too exciting here. I'm actually surprised we haven't received more set photos. Hell, we've got more set pics from Dark Knight Rises than we do of Avengers. Come on give us something!

-MD-4065d ago

I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this lol. Plain jeeps and trucks with an Avengers logo slapped on them.

alycakes4065d ago

Better than nothing at least we know they're at work.

darklordzor4064d ago

Well that's the thing. We all know they're working on it...And that's why I can't understand why we've gotten so little in terms of set pics from this movie. I mean, surely it can't be as secretive as The Dark Knight Rises set.

HD_GAMER19894064d ago

no edward norton is bs imo hes the best hulk

hazelamy4064d ago

it's a shame they couldn't get, or didn't want norton back, because he was bloody good as banner.

but the actor they've got now could do a good job too so i'll reserve judgement till i've seen the film.

HD_GAMER19894064d ago

it just sucks that we have to get used to another actor its bs like ive heard before whats the point of tieing the marvel universe together if your not going to use the same actors. plus the guy that played thor sucked or the movie just sucked idk lol. like losing norton even if he had a small part really is going to bite marvel in the ass cause having a movie stacked with a listers is always a win for everybody. the DEPARTED comes to mind

-Superman-4064d ago

meh... only car images..

GhettoBlasStarr4064d ago

ed norton was the best banner, not the best hulk. Ang Lee's HULK was the better of the two.. IMO

hazelamy4064d ago

ang lee's hulk movie was ok, but "hulk smash" wins every time. ^_^

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