Warner Bros. TV at Comic-Con: Supernatural, Chuck, Fringe, Alcatraz, More

IGN writes:
Warner Bros. TV has been "going big" at Comic-Con for years, but they're outdoing themselves this year. The TV studio is sending 16 series total – a record for a single studio. These run the gamut from kid-aimed animated series like Scooby-Doo, to the more mature fun of favorites like Fringe, The Vampire Diaries and Nikita.

On top of that, Warner Bros. is making a notable move by putting Supernatural in Hall H – a rare occurance for any TV show at Comic-Con, and possibly a sign of things to come as TV grows more dominant at the convention.

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alycakes3208d ago

Gosh! Hall H is like gigantic. I guess we can say they've made it to the big time when they're in Hall H. You don't even have to leave Hall H to go to the bathroom or to get refreshments because Hall H is the only place that has it's own. Wish I could be there with them this year....maybe next year.