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Screen Junkies Interview: ‘Captain America’ Sequel Already In The Works

Screen Junkies: The writing duo of Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus filled in on a screenwriters panel for the Los Angeles Film Festival’s “Coffee Talk” series. Roberto Orci had a conflict so we got the writers of Captain America: The First Avenger instead. They joined Diablo Cody, Dustin Lance Black and Josh Olson to discuss the writing industry for aspiring filmmakers and fans.

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darklordzor4691d ago

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, I wish they'd wait for the movie to come out before starting a sequel. If the movie has certain flaws in it, they need to address those in the sequel...which means you can't really work on it until after it's out and those problems are apparent.

alycakes4690d ago

You're so right about that...they always get ahead of themselves on all these movies. They just can't make that money fast enough.

Soldierone4690d ago

Thing is studios seem to not care or listen to the fans anymore. They know it will make money no matter what, and will continue to do so until that doesn't happen anymore. You have the big wigs that think they know everything about us and will not listen period.

It sucks, but its what has happened.

darklordzor4690d ago

Yes sir. That's the real big problem and why we've been inundated with several lackluster sequels over the years.

It's yet another difference between the movie industry and the video game industry. Game developers hit the forums and stuff to get feedback from the fans on their games. Then they try and implement those into the sequels. Just about every interview you hear with them, they say something to the effect of "well the fans really wanted this last time" or, "based off the fan reactions we decided to add [this]". You never hear that about movies.

DarkBlood4689d ago


to me it makes sense to listen to fans for feedback but for movies as far as im concern.

What would be the point of being a movie director or dream of making movies if all your gonna do is just take feedback and ideas it would be thier movie and not yours.

Heck i might even feel like it wasnt my movie i made if it came to that point or for anyone in that matter

Soldierone4689d ago

Well I am in film school and take pointers everyhwere i can. The thing is its like writing. You can write an entire book, then not see a single flaw with it. Give it to an editor and they will write pages of flaws with it.

Better example is to draw something. When you are done, turn it upside down. If its in photoshop flip the picture so its facing the other way. You will find many flaws with it.

Its basically seeing it from a different perspective. Other people will have ideas on how to help you improve. A lot of movies, especially superhero sequels, would of improved with it. Afterall the only reason they are there period is because of the fans. Its not like the fans want to make the entire film for you. Its simply improvements on certain areas that these big wigs think dont matter.

CobraKai4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

So what's the deal? Is it going to go First Avenger, The Avengers, then Capt. America 2?

Soldierone4690d ago

Indeed. It will probably be a year after Avengers comes out. Don't be too suprised if they even announce Avengers 2.

Im sure Thor 2, Hulk, Ironman 3, and a few others will even pop up right after Avengers.

darklordzor4690d ago

Thor 2 is pretty much confirmed. Iron Man 3 already has a 2013 release date set, no word on the Hulk yet (but I'm sure they'll be using up their new actor before too long). Let's just hope it's all worth it.

alycakes4690d ago

I don't know...the last 2 Hulks haven't worked that well even though Ed Norton was better than the first still wasn't very good. Who are they using this time for the Hulk? Does anyone know?

CobraKai4690d ago (Edited 4690d ago )

It's Mark Ruffalo. I'm still disappointed that they let Ed Norton go due to "creative differences". It woulda been nice to have that consistency and see all those guys in one movie.

filmcritic1014689d ago

At least Chris Evans will remain captain america, not like the hulk.

alycakes4689d ago

Yes Chris needs to stay as Captain America for sure. They need to stay consistant or it looses something everytime.


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