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20th Century Fox Releases a Handful of New Rise of the Planet of the Apes Pics

From TMP:

With the Planet of the Apes franchise reboot coming up in just a couple months, 20th Century Fox has finally started ramping up the marketing for the movie. With a couple of sweet trailers, and new TV spots coming out, today they released a handful of new images showing off some seriously impressive visuals.

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T0RTURED4065d ago

I'll watch it hopefully it's good.

DarkBlood4064d ago

now because im partly hard of hearing with a implant i had a hard time figuring the trailer out by words lol

it seems they use some kind of viral drug to make the ape more intelligent then once this particular ape sets the others free and release that chemical they all go skynet apeshit on the planet?

lol did i get the idea right i wonder