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‘Falling Skies’ Debuts as #1 New Series of 2011

The Voice Of TV: The ratings are in for TNT’s new invasion – ‘Falling Skies‘ killed it during its Sunday premiere with a network achievement of 5.9+ million total viewers across all showings. We reviewed the Pilot episode in advance and loved it (we’ve even seen next week’s episode as well), so it comes with smiles to our faces we weren’t alone in (re)watching it last night. Such ratings even beat out fellow AMC science fiction-er ‘The Walking Dead‘ in its total numbers, though TWD still won the demographic.

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alycakes4071d ago

I really enjoyed the 2 hr pilot. It went into the action right away and didn't spend the 2 hours talking trying to get the audience to get to know the people in the show. No, we just had to learn who was who as we went along while they were getting down and dirty with their fighting and their lives now after all the destruction and loss they had to suffer.

I think it's going to be pretty good if they can keep up the pace.

gaffyh4071d ago

I'm surprised that they didn't go back to show how everything happened tbh, I kept expecting it to happen, but then it didn't. Really good show though.

T0RTURED4071d ago

I thought the show was pretty good I'll keep watching it.

Soldierone4071d ago

Dangit had reminders set and everything and ended up missing it both friggin times... :/

JL4071d ago

lol My dad made us rush through Father's Day dinner just so he could get home to watch it (my mom too). This one isn't that high up on my list, though. I imagine I'll get around to checking it out sometime, though. I'm more curious about Terra Nova.

alycakes4070d ago

I'll be watching that one too but that one is going to be totally different as far as story line isn't it?

blazsox4070d ago

Terra Nova takes place in the future as a family goes back in time to save mankind. It looks promising. I am looking forward to it, but I got Alcatraz a bit higher on my FOX list.

alycakes4070d ago

Oh yes...that one is going to be so wickedly cool. I love stuff like that. I will be watching for sure.