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New Puss in Boots Trailer

DreamWorks animation has released the newest trailer of Puss in Boots. Featuring the voices of Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis, Billy Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris.

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T0RTURED4065d ago

Great another movie I'll have to take my kids to see LOL

Quagmire4064d ago

Def, looks great, def looks better than the last 2 Shrek films.

darklordzor4064d ago

It looks okay...but definitely different. Almost seems to have the superhero vibe to it. If they were going to take it that route, I'd almost rather them get rid of the other Shrek-ian elements in the film. Like Humpty-Dumpty.

VMAN_014064d ago

I'm just sick of animated these animated movies which insist on using animals as characters, I get they are geared towards kids but very rarely will we get a good animated movie that is based on live action principles rather than one in a fantasy setting.

DarkBlood4064d ago

so you want a true story movie but animated then? if so then it would be cheaper to use actual actors etc etc.

im not sure im seeing the direction your looking for i dont see how basing it on live action principles will make it less fantasy ish when they still do goofy things?

i mean no fire starter with u, merely just trying to get the gist of what your saying

VMAN_014063d ago

Well what I mean exactly is not you know your run of the mill drama movie being animated but more of a science fiction/fantasy movie that uses a more live action style in its creation of characters kind of like you see in Final Fantasy Spirits Within, while its not the best example to support my idea it is just an idea of what I mean :)

JL4063d ago

Kinda like Beowulf? Or something closer to A Scanner Darkly?

Maybe what you're getting at is that it's not the fantasy aspect of it that bothers you (though maybe you'd prefer sci-fi to fantasy), but you want the more adult-themed and mature animated films that are more of the dramatic rather than the whimsical and humorous like this. Something like Final Fantasy, Beowulf, A Scanner Darkly, etc?

Have you seen The Illusionist? Would that fall in line with what you want? How about 9? While the characters are "sack people" rather than humans, it still has that mature style to it.

VMAN_014063d ago

Kind of like beowulf and yes I do prefer sci fi to fantasy, I think this is the best example I can find.

Essentially that kind of style being almost photorealistic, sci fi but a whole movie. I know that would be extremely expensive haaha but I think it would be cool.