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FilmMattic Movie Review: Super 8

FilmMattic writes: Imagine a movie whose very design is antithetical to the titan grips of contemporary Hollywood enterprises; a movie where state-of-the-art special effects are used purposefully, not wantonly; where an original story is made in 2-D, not 3-D, where the characters and their relationships eclipse the prominence of the creatures and the big bangs. Well, you don't have to imagine much further. Super 8 is the quintessential embodiment of that movie. Its originality matches its purposefulness.

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alycakes3587d ago

Great movie and I'm glad it was in 2D so I could enjoy it. The kids were so good in this. I can't believe Dakota's little sister is also growing up right before our eyes. I miss little Dakota and her acting when she was little.

Loved all the suspense and drama and action.

T0RTURED3587d ago

Still need to go see this

alycakes3586d ago

You really do need to see was just great.