William Shatner Reveals He Will Not Make an Appearance in Star Trek Sequel

DailyBlam says:

The acting icon has just revealed on stage at the 2011 Calgary Comic Expo that he will not cameo in J.J. Abrams' upcoming sequel to his smash reboot of the beloved Star Trek film franchise.

William Shatner took the stage at the Calgary Expo and exchanged plenty of witty banter with the crowd before answering a fan's serious as to whether or not he would appear in director J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek sequel.

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alycakes4067d ago

That's too bad. I never liked him when he was younger but I really like him now. I don't know why....there's no logic to the way I feel about this man....that's just they way it is.

T0RTURED4067d ago

Thats to bad would have been kind of cool if he did.