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The Daily Rotation: Kill the Irishman Blu-ray Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Kill The Irishman stars Ray Stevenson as the legendary Irish-American thug Danny Greene. Greene was first introduced in the film as a physical laborer who ended up climbing the ranks into the position of the local union president. Ultimately he was brought down from his power due to corruption and he was forced to start his life from scratch. Thanks to some of the locals (Vincent D’Onofrio and Christopher Walken) he was able to land back on his feet and therefore found himself taking more responsibilities within the Italian mafia. Greene’s personality doesn’t end up clicking with the higher ups and he finds himself trying to make an independent name for himself through some very confrontational ways. While breaking into his independent state he is very vocal against the mafia which leads to all out war between the two of them. Greene achieves a notoriety that is hard to believe and ignore. In the summer of 1976 between himself and the mafia the Cleveland area suffered many murders and 36 area bombings."

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