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Hellboy Creator Mike Mignola Says Guillermo Del Toro Will Never Return to the Film Franchise

Daily Blam writes:
During his panel at the 2011 Calgary Comic Expo, the creator of Darkhorse Comics' favorite son of Satan confirmed that, after much speculation, a third film is very unlikely.

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-MD-4719d ago

Horrible, terrible news. I've been wanted him to make Hellboy 3 since I saw the 2nd in theaters.

Between this and Ryan Dunn dying... what a disappointing day.

JL4719d ago

Agreed. I was so hoping for a third Hellboy movie. I loved the other two, and quite frankly they are some of my favorite comic book movies ever.

Christopher4719d ago

I don't like it, but I expected this. Del Toro seems to be having a lot of trouble finding his footing since he became so popular.

JL4719d ago

He definitely has had trouble finding hit footing, as you put it. But I never expected just a flat-out "he won't return to Hellboy" type of thing. If anything, I would figure Hellboy would become his safety net of sorts. He got comfortable with the franchise, and I figured when he needed to get his head back on straight or needed a "safe" movie, he could easily return for the third.

-MD-4719d ago (Edited 4719d ago )

Wow bad typo on my part. I've been 'wanting' him to make Hellboy 3***

And yes I loved those films especially the 2nd. I do hope a third installment happens some day with another solid director. Or maybe Del Toro's mind could change one day and it'll be great news.

darklordzor4719d ago

Damn! This is no bueno. We need another Hellboy movie. I didn't much care for the first film, but Golden Army had a lot of great things working for it. I loved it, and it totally had me excited and ready for more in that world.

This really sucks, though I hope Del Toro proves him wrong and does it after Pacific Rim.

JL4719d ago

I will agree with the second being the better one, but I really liked the first one as well. The second one did, however, raise more excitement and was cooler as it delved more into the fantasy aspect of the whole world/story.

darklordzor4719d ago

Yep, and that's what I really loved about it. It embraced the fantasy elements completely and it made the film that much better. Besides which Del Toro is great with Fantasy and I wish he would do more of it.

Sahil4719d ago

I wasn't even ready to take this news coz I was hurt.. no third movie, but then I thought I shud share my sadness with you all :)

darklordzor4719d ago

And we're glad you did! We all have to band together to get through this harsh time in our lives :)

reznik_zerosum4719d ago

i love GDT so much but last 4 years hes just talking and doing noting, except producing some film.god damn make one f***ing movie ffs

JL4719d ago

First, you'll find I'm pretty lax in running this site, but do keep in mind this is still a "Rated for All Audiences" type of site. So let's try to tone the language down a bit.

That being said, I agree. I definitely like Del Toro's work, and at this point it's gotten so tiring seeing him bouncing from project to project for various reasons. I'm just ready to see him direct something again. Of course, he is now attached to "Pacific Rim". Of course that isn't due out till 2013. Let's just hope that doesn't fall through, too.

darklordzor4719d ago

Yeah I feel like I've waited far too long to see a movie of his. He's bounced around so much that nothing's happening. I hate that he left Hobbit to make a movie....that ended up falling through! I still would have loved to see Del Toro's Hobbit.

I can't freaking wait for Pacific Rim. I love monster movies, and seeing him do one is going to be epic.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34719d ago

I am so disappointed...I wish there were more colorful superhero films like Hellboy. I hate the way that people automatically assume something is better for being dark and gritty.

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