Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dead

Ryan Dunn, star of Jackass, was killed aged 34 in a 3AM car crash that also claimed the life of another passenger on Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania.

The sad news was confirmed by April Margera, mother of his Jackass co-star Bam, in an interview with a local radio show. Details surrounding the crash have yet to be revealed.

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-MD-4483d ago

I read about it this morning. Such awful news and I want to reach through my screen and punch the people saying he deserved it.

Jackass will never be the same without it's Random Hero.

darklordzor4483d ago

No one freaking deserves to die like that. While he shouldn't have been drinking and driving, no one deserves death for such a mistake. People saying that are just ignorant and moronic. Drinking and driving is wrong (I know, I'm a cop), but any time a person dies like that is tragic.

-MD-4482d ago

Wonder disagreed on all these posts is a coward.

darklordzor4483d ago

Sad, sad news. Yet another tragic accident from drinking and driving. Hopefully some people will learn from this. Always a sad thing to hear.

Soldierone4483d ago

RIP for one of my favorites on the crew, I don't think we will be seeing anymore Jackass for sure now.

As for him drinking, i want to kill the journalist that even made the connection. The last thing we had was he "posted an hour earlier that he was drinking" Who's to say it wasn't responsible drinking?

Maybe he was speeding, he had a nice car, Id be doing that all the time.

xVeZx4482d ago

and he had a new show on g4 only on its like 3rd episode....friggin sad as hell man...

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Paramount Buys 'First Man' For Johnny Knoxville, Ramps Up 'Mustache Riders' For The 'Jackass' Gang

Paramount Pictures has acquired a new project and made forward progress on another that will star Johnny Knoxville, who has made the studio huge money with the Jackass films. Best of all for Knoxville, both comedies are scripted, which should spare his body at least some abuse.

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JL4590d ago

I'd actually like to see him do some more semi-serious roles. I thought he did very well in Daltry Calhoun and I really enjoyed that movie. Though I do like him in comedies as well.

-MD-4590d ago

Very interested to hear more about Mustache Riders. Loved Bam and Dunn way back in their 'Haggard' days. Check that one out if you haven't seen it!

Soldierone4590d ago

I always find Knoxville entertaining in scripted roles. For example his old man roles and stuff in Jackass are funny as heck. But his actual movies have all been watchable and funny to me. Always wondered why he didnt appear in more though, so this sounds fun.