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TMP Reviews: Green Lantern

DC’s first big franchise starter (outside of Batman and Superman) is finally here. Is it really as bad as the critics are saying, or is there something worthwhile in the comic book adaptation? TheMoviePool is here to help sort through it all.

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darklordzor4552d ago

I really enjoyed it. There I'm not afraid to say it. Despite some flaws, on the whole I was very entertained. I wanted a lot more out of it, but I still can't say that I feel like I wasted money buying the ticket. It could have been amazing though, and I think that was the most disappointing part of it. There was so much they could have done to make this as epic as they wanted to be. They just focused on the wrong parts though.

Soldierone4552d ago

Stupid reviews are making my GF not want to see it, no matter what I say. Ive been trying all weekend lol...

Maybe I can use my birthday being this weekend as leverage haha :P

Im not expecting the greatest thing ever made, just a good film. Based off visuals I have seen I dont understand why people are not going nuts over it like they did with Avatard.

darklordzor4551d ago

Perhaps if they had taken the time and expanded the story over 3 hours like Avatar, people would be going nuts. The visuals are incredible. The problem is the story is a little too cramped, and they just don't have the time to explore everything they need to.

Yeah, my wife kind of said the same thing, and didn't want to go, but I got to use Father's Day as my excuse to make her go with me.

alycakes4551d ago

Glad you enjoyed it. People don't realize that there have been many versions of Green Lantern thru the years in comic books. Serious ones and cocky ones. They decided to show the Green Lantern that was a little on the smart ass side and you have to admit that Ryan Reynolds plays those parts well. The visuals were great but they could have done a lot more with the movie to make it even better...I do agree with you on that.

I was only disappointed with Blake Lively...she just didn't do it for me on this film. She was so out of place.

darklordzor4551d ago

For me it wasn't so much that she was out of she could have not been in the movie and it would have been fine. I thought she played the part well, but on the whole there wasn't any chemistry between her and Reynolds.


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