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EFX Unveils New Partnership with Warner Bros

EFX has unveiled a new partnership with Warner Bros. Under the agreement, EFX will make film related bracelets for films such as "The Green Lantern" and the "Harry Potter" series.

alycakes4633d ago

Aside from the premieres will those bracelets ever be available to the general public?

Garethvk4633d ago

I believe so go to the EFX site.


Warner Bros. Owes Every DC Fan an Apology After The Flash

Decades from now, Warner Bros.' mismanagement of the DC franchise will be studied by scholars.

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Warner Bros Pictures Theatrical Releases 2023| Leisurebyte

Warner Bros Pictures are coming up with an exciting list of films that will be released in 2023. Check out all the film titles inside.

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J.J. Abrams gets incinerated for stealing Warner Bros.' money after another 2 projects bite the dust

Warner Bros. has not gotten its money's worth from Bad Robot.

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