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Splinter Cell: Extinction Fan Film Teaser

Indie film studio Companion Pictures has released the Teaser Trailer of it’s upcoming title. Based on Tom Clancy’s video game franchise, the movie will be titled Splinter Cell: Extinction

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Madusha3595d ago

These guys should be hired to direct and film a cinema movie. It looks stunning IMO =)

alycakes3594d ago

Got my I want to see more.

Soldierone3594d ago

Looks pretty good. It should be rather easy to do so considering its all dark and what not.

However these fan films in general are getting better. the only thing that sucks is they are generally like 10 minutes long, having a full fledged hour long movie might be hard for them.

darklordzor3594d ago

I love fan films! Sometimes they can just be so amazing. This is pretty good. Looking forward to more from these guys.