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Characters That Comic Book Movies Got Wrong

IGN Writes:
As more and more comic book movies get made about beloved characters, the risk of Hollywood filling those characters with suck increases.

Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, and a few members of the GL Corps, are the latest casualties that got lost in the translation from page to screen. To celebrate (or mourn) the occasion, we look back at 15 characters the movies just plain got wrong.

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CobraKai4693d ago

I agree with most of what was said. I did love Stallone's Dredd, prolly due to Steven E. DeSousa's brilliant script. I was very upset that Cyclops didn't get the justice he deserved, I prefer him as the leader of the Xmen instead of Wolverine like in X3.

The biggest offender for me was Bane. How can you take a man, who is so intelligent, that he figured out who Batman was simply by looking at his fighting style? At least Nolan/Goyer know what they are doing for him in the Dark Knight Rises. You don't hire an actor like Tom Hardy to say "bomb...bomb", or ""

Soldierone4693d ago

Pretty sure this whole thing came up because of Green Lantern. Fact is I always thought Green Lantern was a major comic book hero, but he isn't. The studio luckily knew this and changed things to make it fit one movie. It will hopefully gain popularity, and then be redone correctly in the future.

As for the others it simply comes down to the fact they can't build a franchise like comic books. We see origin story after origin story because its the easiest story to sell. Venom and others took lots of issues, even the shows had several episodes, spanning the build up of the character. With movies they dont want to take that gamble.

In my honest opinion, I dont think even the Avengers is getting proper build....

Defectiv3_Detectiv34693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

It would be shorter to make a list of characters they got right. Although sometimes I think they honor their continuity to a fault. A movie still has to work on it's own instead of relying on a convoluted backstory the whole time.

alycakes4693d ago

That's true and they've changed them so much thru the years too. Each superhero has gone thru different changes...some have even had different names and pasts given to them. I don't know that I could have kept up with them if I read the comic books now.

darklordzor4692d ago

Pretty snazzy list. Although as far as Cyclops goes, while it did suck completely about how they killed him off in X3, I thought they did well with him in the first 2 films.

Everything else on here seems pretty solid. Though the Wolverine Deadpool and Batman & Robin Bane are more than just wrong. They are abominations.

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