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Shadowlocked - Green Lantern Review [2]

Shadowlocked - Our second review from a comic book veteran...

It is the burden of every comic book fanatic to face the fact that movie versions of our favorite titles are never going to be as good as the books. Sometimes the filmmakers get it right (X2, Spider-Man 2, or Nolan’s Batman franchise), and they give us a film that stays as true to the source material as possible while still putting out a picture that the average audience member will want to see. Concessions are made to make a film that is marketable, and you have to hope it works. In the case of Green Lantern, it sort of works.

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-MD-4070d ago

Venom in Spider-Man 3 should never have happened. Absolute waste of arguably the most anticipated portion of that movie.

alycakes4068d ago

Ditto! I did like Green Lantern but I didn't care for Blake Lively's acting in this one. I was expecting more from her and was very disappointed in her performance.