Michael Caine Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES; Did He Give Away a Spoiler?

Collider Report Writes: I’m at the junket for Pixar’s Cars 2 and a few moments ago, I got to participate in a video press conference with Sir Michael Caine. Since he’s currently filming director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises in London right now, the only way he could talk to us was using video conferencing.

In the coming days I’ll have the full transcript online, but during the press conference, I was able to ask how filming on The Dark Knight Rises has been going. As you might imagine, he was pretty guarded with his answer, but at the very beginning, he might have revealed a spoiler. For what he said, hit the jump.

Here’s my question and his answer:

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alycakes4076d ago

Well we already knew that Batman gets hurt but who else is going to be with him that gets hurt that he has to patch up? I don't think he gave too much away but it seems that they really try to keep it all under wraps on this movie.

ASSASSYN 36o4075d ago

To get anything out of that so called spoiler, you have to read way to into it.

Cerberus294075d ago

I don't really see how that's muc of a spoiler. Doesn't batman get his ass kicked at least once in every movie?

alycakes4075d ago

You've got that right...everybody get hurt in one way or another in these movie every time so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

T0RTURED4074d ago

Can't wait to watch this movie first 2 were awesome.