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Kick-Ass Creator Mark Millar Calls Green Lantern the Worst Superhero Movie EVER Made

Nerd Reactor: The man that brought us Marvel’s Civil War, Kick-Ass, Wanted(not the movie), and The Ultimates, is feeling the general consistences for the new DC Comics film starring Ryan Reynolds.

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-MD-4725d ago

I like how he saves himself by praising Mark Strong lol. I have to admit Mark Millar seems like a pretty big douchebag whenever I see him talk but I respect him for creating Kick-Ass.

reznik_zerosum4725d ago

in europe comics are serious art,not like in usa, Marvel’s Civil War, Kick-Ass, Wanted - trash

kaveti66164725d ago

How does Europe manage to fit your ego into such a small area?

T3MPL3TON 4725d ago

It doesn't. Which is why his ignorant self is allowed to spew nonsense on the internet. I bet they actually pay him to vent his ego a little on the web so that they have some room to breathe.

Yi-Long4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

... if you see how many crap is churned out, comic-wise, right now by both marvel as well as DC, you do wonder where it all went wrong.

You just have too many different series coming out each month for certain characters/groups. That automatically means you also have a lot of poor writers and artists at work.

Also, there's still the whole 'shock-value' storylines, likes major characters 'dying' just to bring them back from the dead again, plus too many cross-overs and such.

I just want 1 or 2 Batman comics a month, with the best writer(s) and artist(s). Same goes for Superman and Spider-Man etc etc. Cause right now, these stories and characters are all over the place.

Now about Europe, and I assume he's talking mainly about France: Lanfeust of Troy, Black Sad, Largo Winch, and a bunch of other series.... they are EXTREMELY good!

It's amazing to me that Lanfeust hasn't been translated into english yet. Story-wise and design-wise I feel it's easily on par with Lord of the Rings.

I'd love to see Marvel or DC pick up the rights and release it in one of the big hardcover books, including artwork and interviews and such. I'd easily pay 60-80 bucks or something for that.

Tommykrem4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

Comics are USA and Manga is Japan.
Europe has little to do with it, though France has had their fair share of good comics. I'm not french or anything, neither am I american or japanese, but this is Japanese/American territory so it's not really strange that they're the ones who sometimes ruin what after all they themselves made.

fooltheman4724d ago

You're forgetting belgium... mister
Never heard of XIII and Largo Winch, Tintin...?

Psychonaughty4724d ago

You forgot the Uk dude, Judge Dredd and The Watchmen come to mind. The latter being regarded by many as the best graphic novel ever.

Tommykrem4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

I think the problem is that I really shouldn't have mentioned France in the first place because they're dwarfed next to USA. But you're right that if I've mentioned France I should probably have remembered Belgium as well.

Watchmen is also one of the biggest standalone releases ever, so UK might've been considered too. Now, apart from that companies like Marvel and DC individually have bigger production lists than pretty much the entire Europe. Especially when talking about super heroes.

alycakes4725d ago

I guess we just have to agree to disagree. Green Lantern isn't the best superhero movie made by far but it sure isn't they worst one either. I guess he didn't see 'The Hulk' or 'The Punisher' or let me think what else? I'm sure if I think hard enough something else will come to mind.

Nes_Daze4725d ago

Which punisher? I'm assuming warzone, because the first was a very good movie. The opposite can be said about Hulk, 1st one was kinda bad, second one was way better. I just don't like the guy portraying the Green Lantern, he's already been used for Deadpool, and has a tendency to make his characters look like a joke.

CobraKai4725d ago

I totally agree with you about Ryan Reynolds. He always has to be this sarcastic funny guy. I even hated him as Deadpool, AND I LOOOVE DEADPOOL. He came off as the wrong kind of obnoxious.

alycakes4725d ago

Yes, I meant the second Punisher and I forgot to mention Daredevil...there are a lot worse out there if you think about it hard enough.

alycakes4725d ago

Yes, I meant the second Punisher. I liked the first one with Thomas Jane and John Travolta.

Legion4724d ago (Edited 4724d ago )

Both Punisher movies were crap. And neither Hulk movie was as good as Green Lantern.

Green Lantern wasn't the best comic book adapatation but is was far better then some garbage that is out there. The list is too long to print but here are just a few... (as some have already noted)

Swamp Thing
Batman and Robin
Dick Tracy
The Phantom

Just a few that made me actually angry when I watched them.

And the original Punisher though it had a good lead actor was not a representation of the character in the least. And the Dolph Lundgren version was the worst of them all.

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Soldierone4725d ago

First Punisher was aweseome! Second is one of my little secret loves. It wasn't fantastic but it was Punisher, I just didn't like the actor in that role. He is a fantastic actor, just didn't fit Punisher like Thomas Jane did.

But the Thomas Jane of the most overlooked movies in recent time.

alycakes4725d ago

I liked the one with Thomas Jane too...but they ruined it with the guy in the second one.

Now...I don't agree with you about Iron Man 2...but I love Robert Downey Jr. so maybe that's why I'm protective of him and his movies and all. When he was having all those drug problems I used to worry about him and hope that he'd get help because I thought he was very talented then and he finally did get better.

rkimoto4725d ago (Edited 4725d ago )

Worse than those you mentioned:
- Superman IV
- Batman & Robin
- Elektra
- S.H.I.E.L.D
- Supergirl

Nes_Daze4725d ago

I agree, Daredevil was bad, I hope they make a new one and do the character some justice.

jf3sh134724d ago

Warzone was the third punisher movie, the one with john travolta was the second and the one with dolph lundgren was the first

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Soldierone4725d ago

Dunno....Ironman 2 was pretty bad.

Personally I don't like this guy. One he acts like he is the king of comics, yet look at what they credited him with. Civil War was decent but it was nothing like Infinite Crysis or Blackest Night from DC Comics, they spanked him left and right.

Then anyone remember when he was trying to get a hold of Superman? He wanted to make it super dark and focus on the death of him etc...You know, what Superman isn't about.

Wanted was a better video game than it was a movie.

Only thing from him I really appreciate a lot is Kick Ass, the movie.

scorpionstryker4725d ago

kick ass sucked and this guy has no ground to stand on!!

-MD-4725d ago

Kick-Ass was amazing. Best film of 2010.

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