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4D Movie Theaters Opening; Smell-O-Vision Being Developed

Though there’s evidence that the audience’s appetite for 3D films could be diminishing, some companies are taking entertainment one-step further: the fourth dimension. A 4D film is simple. It’s a 3D movie with physical effects in the theater for that extra dimension. A good example is Muppet Vision 3D at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida where you watch a 3D movie, but things brush up against your legs. Internationally, a South Korean company called CJ 4D Plex is currently converting regular theaters to 4D and, reportedly, will test the technology in Los Angeles later this summer. After the jump, check out photos from a 4D Plex theater, read more about it and find out how Samsung might have finally perfected Smell-O-Vision.

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DarkBlood4069d ago

lol this would be interesting you'd probably get a reaction if there was a fart like smell coming out from whatever movie calls for it.

this is possible but how many variation of smells can u make or would there be different sets depending on what the movie calls for ?

Soldierone4068d ago

At California adventures and universal studios they already do it. when the stink bug explodes it starts to smell like someone farted.

If im not mistaken in soarin over California, when you go over certain areas they also make it smell. Like the ocean has a smell and then the orange trees have a smell. It could just be me imagining it, but i swear it did it.

-MD-4069d ago

More gimmicks. Don't want this crap.

CobraKai4068d ago

Especially if there is literally crap on screen. I don't need to smell that sh*t. Pun intended:D

Soldierone4068d ago

I say leave this stuff to the theme parks. It isn't needed. People don't go to theaters for an amusement park ride. If they are then why the hell are more not opening up in my city!

However lets focus on the quality on the screen. No im not saying HD visuals, im saying movies are starting to literally suck. Thats why less people are going, end of story.

We have one of these theaters here. All they do is move the seats, and have a crap ton of bass speakers in the theater so you "feel" the explosions. Its alright but considering a ticket to get into it costs twice as much as a normal ticket ill pass.

alycakes4067d ago

I don't think I could deal with smell at the theater. That would be the last straw. They need to focus on just making the movie experience better. Like Soldierone says...there are so many things they could do on the screen with the visual and the sound and maybe even the price.