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Sony Movies Pulled From Netflix

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, I’m sure you’ve found plenty of good use in the streaming service. I know I have. That’s absolutely where I get my money’s worth with the service. The DVDs are just an added bonus. Well, today you may notice something strange. You’ll find that all Sony movies have been pulled from the service and are no longer available for streaming, though you can still get them on DVD through the mail.

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Soldierone4069d ago

Ooh The Fighter is coming to Netflix, have yet to see that.

As for this, nothing new. Movie companies want to get rich off every single thing they touch, and they think they can use Netflix to do that. At least Sony is negotiating rather fast about it, so thats nice, should make their fans happy.

If the other studios simply had their way Netflix would be as expensive as every other company, paying 15 to 20 dollars a month for streaming only, then having new movies cost 20+ dollars, the same amount it costs to just get it on Blu Ray. Thank god Netflix owners spend a majority of their money trying to secure deals at low prices. Yeah I want other features to come like they said about Facebook etc...but overall its the movie selection and time frames that matter.

I just find it funny because the movie studios are constantly complaining about low sales figures or slumping attendance etc...yet they are the ones that dont want to change business structure. When Netflix comes to your door and offers millions of dollars to simply play older movies out of their stride of sales, what exactly is the problem? Its not like you cant still sell it to TV channels, and it will more than likely bring more sales at a later date...Ive went out and purchased several movies after watching it on Netflix.

squallheart4068d ago

You obviously did not read the article. It hae to do with their contract with starz so theyre re negotiating.

alycakes4068d ago

I wonder what happened and if it had anything to do with their legal troubles of late?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4068d ago

All the removal of instant only titles just encourages people to burn more discs. If it is a decent movie that I stream I will head out and pick it up at the store, usually the 1st thing that happens to a rental disc is a quick pop in to the cpu, convert to a file and on my portable device it goes. One day these guys will learn.

Sahil4068d ago

Why is everyone after SONY.. geez give them a break :)