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USA Network Should Stop Pressuring WWE To Making 3 Hour RAW Shows

There have been a lot of 3 hour RAW shows lately. Last week saw the “WWE All Star” night with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the GM for the night. This coming week we will see another 3 hour edition of RAW with a special “Power to the People” episode. Are there too many 3 hour RAW shows now?

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Arcee4487d ago

As a fan of the WWE and of pro wrestling in general, I would have to agree with you. I don't mind the occasional 3-hour episode if something significant is done during that time, but to have them just for the sake of having them in an attempt to bolster ratings is just the wrong way to do things.

Especially when you fill it with garbage like the Marella/Sheamus match. If something big and exciting isn't going to happen, then USA should let Raw just stay at 2-hours instead of hurting it by forcing the WWE to hastily, and sloppily, come up with three hours worth of content.

I mean, with so little true stars out there right now, what are they going to do this Monday, have Cena and Orton get an hour of screen time each?

jbl3164486d ago

Glad you like the article. Yea I've been a fan of the WWE and wrestling for many years too but I feel as if there are too many 3 hour shows now. I don't mind when they celebrate like 900 episodes or 15th anniversary or something but these shows have no meaning.

Sahil4486d ago

They are fine sometimes but they should stick with the 2-hour shows coz I don't really like the current generation of superstars. I watch raw every week but sometimes when there's a boring match.. I skip the match it happens a lot.. I can't even watch a 2-hour raw nowadays with HBK, HHH, undertaker, Rock, jeff hardy, edge not around

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4485d ago

I have no issues with the 3 hour time length, we used to get some great matches on Nitro that way. If vinny mac would get his head outta his ass then we could actually get some matches instead of the same ole 20 minute long winded promo about the same thing every single week. Give me a 20 min CM Punk/anyone match, Bryan Danielson gets 2 minutes in a match, yet they give the women who the announcers even shit on more time in the ring to stink the house down rather than the actual talent, etc...

thats what is going to kill TNA. They are trying mimic the wwe to do the 75 % backstage and interview skits and get away from wrestling even after they threw it out on tv that they were going back to wrestling.

I cant tell you the last time I watched a full episode of raw/tna without skipping over half of them to get through the interview and backstage garbage. They have so many guys on the roster that have no tv time, and will still fill the 3 hours with pure garbage. I mean Hornswoggle has tv time yet dudes are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for some tv time.


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