Entertainment Focus - Review: The Fighter

“Irish” Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg – The Other Guys) is a fighter on his way up the ranks. His brother Dicky (Christian Bale – The Dark Knight) is a former boxer himself who tasted fame when he knocked down Sugar Ray Leonard in his prime. But now a drug addict and on a path of self-destruction, Dicky is a shadow of his former self despite still training his younger brother to be a champion. Their relationship is strained when Dicky gets Micky caught up in an incident that almost costs him his career. So Micky must decide whether to go it alone or stick to a family loyalty that ultimately may cost him his one big shot at the title.

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neoragex3583d ago

5/5.. Incredible movie, one of the best movies of 2011 :)

-MD-3582d ago

Well it came out in 2010 but I agree it was great.

alycakes3582d ago

I need to really see that.