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Entertainment Focus - Review: I Am Number Four

John (Alex Pettyfer – Stormbreaker) and his protector Henri (Timothy Olyphant – The Crazies) are aliens living on earth who are constantly looking over their shoulders and on the run. Their home planet was destroyed by a race known as Mogadorians who have now come to earth and will stop at nothing to track down the 9 people who pose a threat to them. John is number four of the nine chosen ones and with number three having just been murdered, is now in serious danger. But amongst the chaos, John manages to find a kindred soul in Sarah (Dianna Agron – Glee) a clever girl from school who clearly likes him too. Can John navigate his perilous predicament without putting Sarah in harm’s way?

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alycakes4068d ago

Haven't seen this yet but hope to soon.

neoragex4067d ago

I'll rent this one next weekend.. just beacuse of timothy :D

T0RTURED4065d ago

Movie is alright I guess