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Entertainment Focus - Review: How Do You Know

Lisa (Reese Witherspoon – Legally Blonde) is in the middle of a life-crisis. Her position on the US Softball team has just gone and she’s now forced to re-evaluate her goals. She has just started seeing megastar Baseball player Matty (Owen Wilson – Marley & Me) and is enjoying her time with him until a friend fixes her up on a blind date with George (Paul Rudd – Clueless). He is in the middle of his own life-crisis and is being investigated for financial fraud even though he’s innocent. With all their troubles, perhaps Lisa and George can help each other forget their woes? But when George falls for Lisa that complicates matters further and sparks a rivalry for her affections.

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Returning to Cinemas

The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Director's Cut is returning to cinemas ahead of the launch of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.


5 Reasons Why Horror Movies Have Lost Their Touch

The Nerd Stash: They just don't make horror movies like they used to. But what are the most overused, outdated, and unappealing aspects of modern-day horror?

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5 Actors Who Lost Themselves in Their Character

Method actors are rarely afraid to go to extreme lengths to embody a character, but they sometimes lose themselves in the process.

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