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Disney's Rapunzel A Newly Added Princess

TMP: "I have been trying to avoid writing this article, but I have finally found an excuse to do it! Yes I searched and searched to help me find a movie/televison spin for the news and I have finally done it. Disney is showcasing how Tangled has gone on to become one of the biggest surprises in Disney Animation, and the celebration is huge!"

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squallheart4548d ago

Good to hear it was a great film. See what happens disney when yoy dont stick with the teeny bopper crap.


I See The Light from Disney’s Tangled Has Been Recreated With Ducks Because Why Not

Tangled meets ducks with this random yet amazinlgy well done animation which recreates the I See The Light scene.

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$10 Off Big Hero 6, Moana, Tangled, Princess and Frog & Zootopia 4K UHD Sets

Amazon has discounted the upcoming 4K Ultra HD Sets of sBig Hero 6, Moana, Tangled, The Princess and Frog as well as Zootopia to $29.99 each.

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The 7 Most Expensive Films Ever

TK: Hollywood is known for big budget blockbusters. Big films do not always mean success but more often than not, these films have made a profit at the box office. Here are the top seven most expensive films ever made to date.

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roxette923159d ago

Pirates is still king...i still think Spider-Man 3 was good..entertaining than the newer reboots.

barb_wire3159d ago

Avatar? "Officially" it had a budget of $237mil but I've read quite a few reports that it actually cost $426mil not including marketing costs.

Good thing it was a hit then.

KingPin3158d ago

pirates 3, how can something so expensive turn out so shit.

waste of bloody money.