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Second 30 Minutes Or Less Red Band Trailer Is Even Funnier Than The First

Cinemablend: Summer 2010 was an absolutely wretched season for comedy. While there were some bright spots - Four Lions and The Other Guys come to mind - theaters were regularly filled with mindless, dumb, lowest common-denominator humor. It's looking more and more like 2011 is going to be different. Bridesmaids was already a hit and both Bad Teacher and Horrible Bosses look great. From the looks of the second red band trailer, however, 30 Minutes or Less might have them all beat.

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-MD-4729d ago

Needless to say the last sentence of the first paragraph got me excited. I refuse to spoil any more of this movie for myself though so I can't watch this.

darklordzor4729d ago

I don't know, I disagree with Bad Teacher looking great. I'm not interested in that one at all.

-MD-4729d ago

I thought the trailers for Bad Teacher looked really good though personally. I was looking forward to that movie after I saw the red-band one.

I dunno. It's definitely one of my more anticipated comedies although it could very easily disappoint if done wrong.

JL4729d ago

I agree. Nothing about Bad Teacher has left me thinking it would be anything special by any means. Horrible Bosses, though, does look like it has the potential to be hilarious.

On that note, this trailer looks hilarious. "I feel you. I taught myself to eat ____ and cut my own hair" lol

I'm definitely having to check this one out.

alycakes4729d ago

Horrible Bosses does look like it's going to be very, very that's what I call just a comedy....something I can enjoy just for a good laugh and not have to over think it.

neoragex4727d ago

awesome.. have to have to watch this movie.. badly!


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