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Transformers Music Video Gets Emo But Shows Off Awesome New Footage

Cinemablend: Despite its attempt to be touching and drastic overuse of slomo, the preview shows off a decent amount of new footage from the June 29th release for you to gawk at, as long as you’re not too distracted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s ability to do nothing but pout aggressively and be held by Shia LaBeouf.

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-MD-4071d ago

I figured this would be acceptable due to the new footage.

JL4070d ago

Yea, nothing wrong with this at all. It's just a regular trailer (where they've put music over it instead of tons of sound effects and speaking parts from the movie itself). But visually speaking, everything there is from the movie. Though, the song choice they made is horrible.

Soldierone4071d ago

That was pretty badass. Only problem the music didn't match up with the video AT ALL lol...

Looks awesome, Ill be checking it out. I can already tell Im going to not like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley...she had the same face in almost every single shot during this...mouth open, stupid look on the face, and staring past camera. I don't find her "hot" so that whole motive isn't working for me like it did with Megan Fox.

CobraKai4070d ago

That's EXACTLY how I felt about her. I know it's crazy not thinking a Victoria's Secret model as hot but she really isn't.

alycakes4071d ago

It's going to be good but I'm with you Soldierone...not because of the "hot" but just because I liked Megan Fox...she just seemed more normal for the part.

Shia already said that if there is a 4th Transformer movie they will have to do it without him. This is his last one. He won't sign up for another one. I think that is smart...I'm sure he's wanting to get on to other projects to.

Soldierone4070d ago (Edited 4070d ago )

Only two things suck about that

-That means Rosie's charact probably isn't going to get developed correctly and suck.

-Sure he won't come back. So that means a good ole Hollywood Reboot will happen instead. Gotta love origin stories...not.

Sahil4070d ago

hahaha.. nice, it goes perfectly well :)

Nes_Daze4070d ago

It is so obvious that Rosie is there for looks and not acting talent. And why o why is her white jacket or whatever she has on perfectly white and unstained throughout the whole trailer?

alycakes4070d ago

Well that's what happens when you get a model.

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