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SPL!NG Review: Source Code (2011)

Source Code comes with its own cinematic concoction, a sleek blend of Quantum Leap, Groundhog Day and Speed - starring Jacob 'Jake' Gyllenhaal... that's pronounced jill-en-hall.

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alycakes4070d ago

I haven't had a chance to see it and I'm waiting to see it on dvd. It kinda reminds of the tv show 7 Days when he goes back in time and only has 7 days to prevent whatever has happened but at least the guy had 7 days....this is different and a lot more dramatic due to the short time he has.

neoragex4069d ago

Nice movie.. love jake in the movie

"that's pronounced jill-en-hall" we know that :D

spling4068d ago

Yeah, I used to pronounce it gill-en-hall, so thought others might find it useful. :-) Another favourite... Jovovich.