Skewed and Reviewed: Green Lantern Review

Skewed and Reviewed have posted their review of the new super hero film "The Green Lantern" and liked what they saw. The praised the lavish visuals of the film and liked Ryan Reynolds.

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alycakes4079d ago

Loved it. That's about it. I was very pleased with almost everything except Blake Lively. She seemed a little out of place. The visual effects were awesome out in space which have always facinated me since I'm also a star watcher. It was a little slow at first but once it got going very fun to watch.

Garethvk4079d ago

Very true we went into some depth on the post radio show as well. if you want the audio I will imbed it.

neoragex4077d ago

2/5.. such a bad movie.. had to watch this coz of my BF.. now am free!!!