LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Ryan Reynolds

LRA writes: Ryan Reynolds acting career is to film as paint is to a child's drawing...all over the place. That is not to say it is all over the place in a bad way but more to the point is that he is still struggling to find the perfect balance. He has done horror (Amityville Horror), slapstick (Van Wilder), dramas (Adventureland) and superheroes (Wolverine) but none of those help define him as an actor (or help explain his tendency to play in crap). Most of the time he hits it out of the park even if the film he is in is complete shit (Blade Trinity) but I got the sneaking suspicion that many movie goers don't know what to expect from the man from film to film. Is he going to be funny? Is he going to be bad ass? Is he going to be funny and bad ass? That being said, I still enjoy his films quite a lot and find that he has an uncanny knack for mixing comedy with multiple other genres and these are five of my favorites with him.

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JL4487d ago

Pretty good list. I have to agree that Waiting definitely goes over Van Wilder. I loved that movie. And he was great in it. However, I would have Van Wilder somewhere on here.

I definitely love Buried. That is, hands-down, his best acting performance to date and, as you state, definitely shows he has some acting chops. On top of that, it's just a great thriller. Loved it.

The Nines was ok, but nothing I loved really. And Paper Man I'm not too sure about either. There were parts about it I really liked, then parts I hated. In the end, I wouldn't recommend the movie really. It was nice in theory, but just wasn't executed well I don't think. Felt too emo and flimsy and just nothing to it really. And had the tendency to be a bit pretentious and cliche as well.

For me I'd rather put Adventureland in there somewhere as well. Really like that one.

So I'd probably go something more like:
Van Wilder

Then the fifth might be a toss up between Just Friends, Blade or maybe even Smokin Aces (yea, I know. I kinda liked that movie that as a senseless, over-the-top action movie).

dweavis4487d ago

I would agree with just about all that actually...except Blade cause that thing was pretty bad. I loved the first one and thought the second one had some cool stuff but man that third one was kinda not very good, Parker Posey was the villain...huh?

While I share you sentiments on The Nines I still found it to be a little more engaging for me than Adventureland (which I liked quite a bit as well I might add).

As for Paper Man...yeah it certainly had some cliche moments but the relationship between the two characters just clicked for me I guess.

JL4487d ago

I do agree that Trinity was definitely the worst of the Blade movies. And it definitely disappointed me on many levels. I guess part of me just "liked" it just for the sake of liking the other Blade movies and seeing the story end so to speak. Of course, my mention of that was more in a "favorite performances from Reynolds" as opposed to "favorite movies featuring Reynolds" kind of manner. I just liked his character in there.

As for The Nines. I wanted to like it. I really did. But, as you mentioned, the story was just so...messed up. It was cool in concept, but in execution it didn't work and the writing was somewhat sloppy. It's unclear and cryptic plotting made it feel like it was overwritten yet underwritten all at the same time.

And Paper Man, yes I did like the relationship between the two characters. Even if it did come across as kinda creepy at times. I almost wanna say that Emma Stone stole the show in that one, too. And while it did have some redeeming qualities, ultimately I just felt the negatives outweighed the positives. But it was an interesting one that I'm sure many would enjoy.

darklordzor4486d ago

Yeah that's a good point. While the 3rd Blade movie was crap, Reynolds performance in it was easily the best aspect of it.

alycakes4485d ago

I've never seen Buried but I heard that it all takes place there with him in the grave the whole movie...is that true and is it still a good movie? That was the only reason I didn't go see it.

Sometimes I do like things other people don't like and you're right about Smokin Aces being just a dumb shootem up movie but I thought he was good in it especially at the end...it's just one of my favorite movie endings.

JL4483d ago

Yea I do think the ending and the "twist" of it make that movie for me (Smokin Aces).

As for Buried, yes it all takes place in the coffin/box and never leaves it (well except for right at the very end). But it's still very much a good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Director and everybody do really well with constructing a compelling thriller with so little.

alycakes4487d ago

Somebody left out my favorite.....Smokin' Aces. Well at least that was my favorite serious one.

JL4486d ago

lol I think you'll find we're in the minority on liking Smokin' Aces. The movie, technically, is crap. But I enjoyed it as a "crappy" over the top mindless action flick.

darklordzor4486d ago

I don't know why....but I really loved "Definitely, Maybe". It's probably my favorite chick flick movie and thought it was great. Would have gone with that over Just Friends.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34486d ago

Yeah Definitely,Maybe was better than it had any right to be. Usually I can't stand Reynolds because he is such a terrible actor, but on occasion he makes good films.

darklordzor4486d ago

I don't think he's that bad (Buried really showed off what he can do), in fact I think it's the other way around. I think he's a good actor who just makes a bad choice in the roles he takes. Sometimes he picks the right ones and he shines.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34486d ago

He's ok, but for a comedian his line delivery leaves a bit more to be desired, for me at least. And I wish they would have cast him as 'The Flash' instead of The Green Lantern. Oh well.

JL4486d ago

I've always liked Reynolds and think he's funny as well, but I never really considered him a good actor. That was until Buried. If you haven't seen that one, check it out. He shows he actually does have some acting chops to him.

I think it's a lot like dark said, he can act, he's just not that great at picking movies most of the time.

RockmanII74486d ago

What, no Wolverine Origins?


Sahil4486d ago

Waiting is the best of em all :)

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