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FilmFracture: Green Lantern Review

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes: "Hal Jordan's journey in Green Lantern is quick, in film time, and it helps the story immensely because there is not much to the story. The latest in a long line of super hero films is just a good time to be had, without much depth or a deep rooted origin story. Hal must learn to use his newfound powers, figure out how to manage his relationship with Carol (Blake Lively), and ultimately save the world from a very powerful force who is also influencing a man on Earth, Hector (Peter Sarsgaard). Throw in some acceptable humor, a few good action scenes, and (not the best) special effects and you have Green Lantern in a neat little box. This is obviously not a full-blown summer blockbuster of epic super hero adaptation proportions but it does its job at amusing the viewer."

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