IGN: Green Lantern Review

IGN: Be advised that this review contains some spoilerish details. DC Comics' Green Lantern finally makes it to the silver screen via Casino Royale director Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds as test pilot Hal Jordan, the first human chosen to wear the power ring and join the Green Lantern Corps.

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Soldierone4079d ago

The bad reviews start pouring in. I already expected this to happen simply because its a blockbuster movie with a high budget. Which means you can't trust these big names and have to go by word of mouth and user reviews.

So far people that have seen it at midnight have loved it from what I can tell. Still debating if ill see this or the penguin movie. Gonna wait till monday since nobody goes to theaters that day, and we dont have to deal with anyone lol.

darklordzor4079d ago

Yeah I'm hearing from other people and fans who've seen it, that it's really not as bad as they say. I mean, Sucker Punch got horrible reviews, but I really loved it.

On the whole though, while I'm sure I'll enjoy it and it'll make plenty of money, I do wish it would have been critically successful as well. Mostly because I want more good DC movies that aren't just Batman and Superman. Marvel is beating them as far as films go, and I'd like to really see them compete.

shadow27974079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

I went in expecting it to be decent but not great, it exceeded my expectations by far. I saw it in 3D, so I couldn't really tell the quality of the CGI, but rest of the movie was great. Granted I've never been much of a green lantern fan, so I don't know much about the universe, but I walked away hoping the next superman movie is more like that and less like Returns.

It can hold it's own against the majority of comic book movies, in my opinion.

darklordzor4079d ago

See, it's comments like that (especially from non-GL fans) that makes me wonder why so much hate is going around on it. If people who didn't even read the comics can enjoy it then everyone else should be able to as well. Perhaps we're all being too nitpicky about our superhero flicks.

darklordzor4079d ago

Are you having flashbacks to when Sucker Punch released like I am?

Soldierone4079d ago

Yeah I can't wait for that to release on Blu-ray lol. I still talk about how great that movie was. I saw this coming from far away though. These websites started talking about Green Lanters 300 million budget like a month or two ago and right then you can tell they were going to go in negative about it.

I have yet to hear anything bad from anyone that has seen it. Which is good or bad since some of them enjoyed movies I didn't Battle LA ugh.

-Superman-4079d ago

I knew Green Lantern movie was going to fail
When you watch trailer, then 90% movie takes place in their planet and only 10% in our planet.

darklordzor4077d ago

But that's not how it is at all. Actually that's reversed. Most of it takes place here on Earth, and a big part of me wished it hadn't.

alycakes4079d ago

Well, I just saw it and I loved it. I go by what I like not by what I hear from others. Everyone is saying he didn't fit the part that he would have been better as the Flash or something. The only person that I saw out of place a little was Blake Lively...the part seemed out of character for her some how. You know how Pepper Potts seems like Pepper Potts......she just didn't seem to be in her comfort zone.

The movie had it's flaws in a few places but nothing bad. They have to tell the story to those that don't know who these comic book characters are so that's to be expected. I thought it was fun...there could have been a little more action but maybe now that they've done the initial story telling if there is another Green Lantern, there will be more action in the next one.

darklordzor4079d ago

See, I've always thought Reynolds was perfect for Hal Jordan. It's about the same personality. The Flash wouldn't be bad either, but personally I thought he seemed more like a Green Lantern.

Oh and Alycakes...Your husband by chance isn't a Probation Officer is he?

alycakes4079d ago

No my husband works for the IRS....wish he would retire but he's still has about 10 more yrs to go.

Have you seen the movie yet? My daughter and I saw it last was really good. Now I can't wait until Captain America comes out.

darklordzor4079d ago

Hmm...Okay never mind then. I work with a probation officer and him and his wife are big nerds as well. He always tells me what they were up to and the just always seem to coincide with what you've done! And I knew you were around the same area. Oh well!

Nope I haven't seen it yet. I'm going tomorrow morning and I can't wait. It's something I've been looking forward to for a while. My wife is officially 'taking me' for Father's day.

alycakes4079d ago

Well, Happy Fathers Day, Do you live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area? We live in Plano, Texas. We went to the Dallas Comic Con. My husband is not into movies very much though. I see most of them with my sister and my friends although he does like some of the super hero ones and he will go see some of those. I am the nerd in the family. I am a big movie fanatic and he can't tell you one actor from's frustrating sometimes when I want to watch a movie at home.

I really liked Green Lantern but it and Thor still aren't as good as Iron Man. I still like it better.

-Superman-4077d ago

It dident have action :(