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Guerrilla Geek: Green Lantern Spoiler-Free Review

Guerrilla Geek writes:
The art of making a successful comic book movie is one of fine balance. The movie must be able to appeal to the mainstream audience while adhering to enough canon to keep the comic fans happy; it must have the right amount of effects to make the movie look convincing, yet retain enough budget to cast decent actors and develop a quality script. Add the premise of an origin story and the filmmakers have to moderate the slow start of back-story with a plausible amount of action. Green Lantern is the latest comic book adaptation to take on this challenge, and it may have found just the right finesse to meet that perfect balance.

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artsaber4073d ago

This score seems to be very generous compared to most. A Green Lantern fan reviewing this perhaps?

darklordzor4073d ago

I honestly don't know that that would matter. Hell, I've found the comic book fans to be the MOST critical of these comic book movies than anyone.

Nightwyrm4073d ago

I wrote this review and I can honestly say that, while I do enjoy the Green Lantern comics (though I haven't read any since the end of Blackest Night), I'm not one of the rabid fans.

Being in New Zealand, one of the first countries to see this film, I had very little preconceptions going in from reviews, good or bad, so I went in as a blank slate. The only time I referred to my knowledge of the GL comics was in regards to the canon used in the film.

In the end, I took it for what it is... a comic book adaptation that's a fun watch. That's why I rated it generously. :-)

artsaber4073d ago

It is always great to get someone's perspective who is familiar with the material. I'm glad you kept an open mind and the clean slate approach. It looks as if movies that are based on comics nowadays are doing much better. I may check this out after I see Super 8.

darklordzor4073d ago

Glad to see something more positive for this movie. I know reviews have been all over the place. Just like when Sucker Punch came out, I think the best advice to give is, "see for yourself".

alycakes4073d ago

Exactly...see it for yourself...I forgot about the visuals in space. They were awesome.