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'Dexter' is 'Renewed, Recharged, Refocused' in Creepy Season 6 Promo

Zap2it: The latest teaser for Season 6 of "Dexter" has arrived, and we are simultaneously really excited and more than a little skeeved out by it.

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-MD-3587d ago

I'm ready for some new Dexter for sure. Hoping this season is the most brutal yet.

alycakes3586d ago

Didn't know they could get more brutal but we'll have to wait and see. Dexter is one of a kind. I'm sure he still has ways to surprise us.

darklordzor3586d ago

I still haven't gotten into this show. I know I should and I want to, but I haven't. I've actually read a few of the books though and have enjoyed those.

neoragex3584d ago

I hope season 6 is better than ever.. atleast better than 5.. it was not good