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The Daily Rotation: Green Lantern Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Green Lantern is a very messy film. It has two decent performances, shoddy CGI, virtually no connective story and a very weak ending. I’m not sure what Warner Brothers was thinking when they decided to ditch a practical suit in favor of a fully blown CGI suit. It’s very unappealing and it draws you away from the character. A character which could have used all the help it could get, considering the fact that movie bounces around back and forth from the Lantern’s world to Earth without ever really engaging the viewers. You witness Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) throughout the entire film never really making any sort of transition in life. He starts out the film as a hot shot pilot who only wants to win and he ends the film the same way, but this time with a flashy green suit. He never learns how to truly become fearless because he constantly puts himself down and the only time he ever believes in himself is when the love interest of the film pulls him...

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