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The Daily Rotation: Submarine Review

Anthony of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Submarine is about a fifteen year old named Oliver Tate. Oliver is a little weird expecially when it comes to his goals in his life at the current point in time. He is watching his parents marriage start to widdle away slowly as each day passes. Oliver thinks that his mom might be having an affair with one of her old friends therefore he takes it upon himself to try and jump start it back to the way it was before. How does he do this? He starts monitoring the dimmer switch in their bedroom just to see how often they are being intimate. Then of course he writes it all down in his journal, dates and how far the switch was turned. He even goes as far as writing letters from each of his parents and giving them to the opposite one to suggest how much they love each other. The second priority that he has going on in his life is that of losing his virginity before his next birthday. He finds himself attempting to try and win over a classmate’s, Jordan...

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he looks like a chick..