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Gman Reviews | Ten Best Jim Carrey Roles

He started out just over three decades ago. With his return to silly family comedies let's take a look back on his career with his ten best roles.

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-MD-4371d ago

He was so excellent in Man on the Moon it was ridiculous. Same goes for Truman Show and of course Dumb & Dumber.

I haven't see that Phillip Morris movie yet but seeing it at this guy's #1 makes me think I probably should.

JL4370d ago

Yea, he definitely nailed that Andy Kaufman role. I'd have to say that and Eternal Sunshine are his best performances to date (haven't seen Phillip Morris yet either). Though, not necessarily my favorite. But I did love both of them, though. Truman Show and of course Dumb and Dumber as well.

Me Myself and Irene I liked and I even like The Majestic. Bruce Almighty I liked but I felt it to be a generic Jim Carrey movie.

I did think he did well as the Grinch, too. Hell, I actually think he did good as The Riddler, too. But apparently I tend to be in the minority there. I think people are just overly critical about that one because the movie is pretty bad and the Riddler he portrays isn't the one people necessarily wanted (but is what the movie called for and in that regard he did pretty well).

On that note, Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura is almost an iconic role. You just HAVE to have that on the list somewhere. Could easily be put in there instead of those few "generic" choices that were made.

gaffyh4369d ago

What the hell? no Ace Ventura? That is by far his best role imo, should be on that list at least if not number 1.

GodsHand4369d ago

I Love you Phillip Morris, was a pretty decent movie from him, but I would not rate it number 1 of all his work. Especially not better then The Turman Show, atleast that's my opionion.

artsaber4370d ago

But I find him his craziest/funniest as Fire Marshal Bill. "LET ME SHOW YOU SOMETHING!!!!" bOOOOM!

-MD-4370d ago

It's a character he played on 'In Living Color'. Type it into youtube.

darklordzor4370d ago

I couldn't stand the Grinch or Me, Myself and Irene for that matter. Truman Show is still one of my favorite films in general, and I can't help myself around Eternal Sunshine.

I think Carrey did a better job as Kaufman than Kaufman did, and it's one of the better biopics around. Still haven't seen Phillip Morris, but I do want to. Heard it was great.

Quagmire4370d ago

Lack of The Mask make me dissapoint