Top 10 Best Movie Presidents

Kevyn writes:

"First off, let us put aside all those great portrayals of actual presidents living or dead. Here we are going with those make-believe Commanders-in-Chief that have graced the silver screen. Kevyn gives you the 10 Best Movie Presidents."

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-MD-3586d ago

No Leslie Nielsen in Scary Movie? Am disappoint. He was(is) great.

CobraKai3586d ago

Bill Pullman shoulda been #1. I didn't see Mike Douglas get into a fighter jet to fight aliens.

JL3585d ago

I did like Bill Pullman in there. And that speech he gave in it was one of the better ones I've ever heard.

darklordzor3585d ago

Agreed, that was one of the best pep talk speeches in movies. He did a great job in that role.

CobraKai3585d ago

Yeah that speech was epic. I can see why that one guy saluted so hard.

darklordzor3585d ago

LOL, yeah that's absolutely correct. Hell, I felt like standing up and saluting when I first watched it!

artsaber3586d ago

While i duck thrown tomatoes, i liked Harrison Ford for some reason.

darklordzor3585d ago

Yep, he did great in Air Force One as the president. Totally kick ass. Something that obviously would never happen, but still makes for a great movie.

alycakes3586d ago

I myself liked Kevin Kline. He really looked liked he could have made a good president.

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