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Steven Spielberg Brainstorming 'Jurassic Park 4' With Writer Mark Protosevich

Steven Spielberg has dinosaurs back on the brain lately. In addition to the impending launch of the television series Terra Nova on Fox in the fall, Spielberg has been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich to kick around ideas for how to re-boot the Jurassic Park franchise.

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Soldierone3598d ago

There are some movies that I WANT to see remade simply because of how far technology has come. While Jurassic Park still has the ability to live with todays movies, it is one of them. I want to see what Dreamworks and so on could do to make the dinosaurs scary.

That and I think Paranormal Activity 2 is the only movie Ive actually got scared or jumped during in forever. I want to see if they can still make a Jurassic Park movie.

All these other remakes seem almost useless to me. Especially since almost none of them are like Alice in wonderland with an entirely new take on the original ideas...

CobraKai3597d ago

I don't know howmuch more improved JP would look as the CGI was better than most movies that came after for years. That initial brontosaurus (brachiosaurus?) shot in the first act could use some work, but the T-rex was amazing. Blending live full sized animatronics and CGI created an awesome scene.

Soldierone3597d ago

But you have to admit you got to be interested to see what they can do now. They are at the point of creating full fledged cities and movies where almost everything is CGI and you can hardly tell.

Maybe they will take dinosaurs a bit further, put them in a small town or something, see things get destroyed. A whole new environment would be kinda cool in my opinion as long as it still has that scary aspect.

gaden_malak3597d ago

I wish they'd follow the book and remake the first one.

alycakes3597d ago

I would go see it if they remade the first one. With all the advance since they did JP surely it would be a sight to see it now. Can you imagine what they could do with dinosaurs on the big screen?

neoragex3595d ago

This is by far the best news of 2011.. Jurassic park and steven speilberg are back!