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Shadowlocked - Green Lantern Review

Shadowlocked - It's your average evening on one of fifty two (!) Earths. Superman scorches the sky over Metropolis as he races to rescue a tree-bound cat, while Batman lurks in an alleyway, just waiting for the right moment to leap upon a delinquent and batter them into a pulp. This is the DC that the general public know and love, but elsewhere, further fighting's afoot. The Flash is playing ping-pong with himself, the Green Arrow is busy cursing the rise of Interflora, while the Green Lantern is imagining giant boxing gloves, horse shoes and jack-in-the-boxes with the help of his magical ring. Little does Hal Jordan know that he's about to be thrust centre stage.

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CobraKai4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I didn't see this movie yet, but my one fear is coming true... Ryan Reynolds' limited range as an actor has become even more apparent as he plays Hal Jordan as Ryan Reynolds.... like every movie he's ever done.

"There are also moments where the CGI suit sported by Reynolds has the unfortunate effect of making him look like his head is rapidly outgrowing his body." No that's just a natural effect of Ryan Reynolds giant melon head.

Soldierone4076d ago

Personally I think his acting style may have been more suited for the Flash. The flirty, never gets tired of doing random stuff guy.

Green Lantern seems a bit more serious, which is where Ryan Reynolds turns into Ryan Reynolds. Like it or hate it at that point. i personally don't entirely mind it, but can see it getting tiring if he appears in even more super hero movies...

Quagmire4076d ago

He shouldve really chosen the Deadpool film instead of this.

-MD-4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

"No that's just a natural effect of Ryan Reynolds giant melon head."

I lol'd. I noticed he had a large head too.

@ Soldier - Lucky us he's signed on for Deadpool...

Soldierone4076d ago

Yeah and WB was hinting he could be The Flash too. Like I said I can see him getting old.

However with Deadpool and Green Lantern at least its Marvel and DC, so that should be all he gets.

-MD-4076d ago

Yeah I highly doubt DC or Marvel will hire him to play 2 characters in the same universe simply because it wouldn't work for crossover movies like The Avengers.

artsaber4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I can't take Ryan seriously. I thought he was too goofy a pic for the role. Soldier is right, i could see him being the Flash more easily. Maybe the Riddler perhaps.

CobraKai4076d ago

NO!!! We can't have his crappy acting infect the Dark Knight.

In GL he seems to as mis-cast as Ben Affleck was for Daredevil.

alycakes4076d ago

Ryan can do serious. We're just used to seeing him do more funny and dumb stuff but I like him in this.

OSIRUSSS4076d ago

RR should have just stayed Deadpool.

neoragex4074d ago

Shitties movie ever.. this is worst than the other green movie.. hornet.. both a piece of shit!