Which 'Batman' Star Shot a Scene for 'Dark Knight Rises' on Monday?

HitFix says":

I would hate to be the guy who blows all the big secrets for Christopher Nolan's upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises." In fact, after some of the ways I've stumbled across giant secrets over the years and blabbed them without knowing full well what the impact would be, I try to err on the side of caution when I can.

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Crazay4081d ago

Well, I'm not too sure what to think of this one - it's probably accurate though which I kinda wish it wasn;t but makes sense to a degree.

darklordzor4080d ago

Yeah a few different sources are now claiming the same thing. I'm willing to believe it, but I'm sure it's not going to be for anything more than a cameo. It does make one wonder how it will work with the plot though. If they already have a young Ra's for flashback scenes, how does Liam Neeson fit in?

Crazay4080d ago

I really can't see it being for more than a flashback of some sort. Though it would be neat to see it as a final reveal right before Batman was killed or something.

darklordzor4079d ago

People keep saying this, but it just doesn't make sense to me. It's called the Dark Knight RISES. Meaning he's rising up and generally has the connotation that he's overcoming everything and is positive. Unless they're talking about rising up to Heaven, it just wouldn't make sense to kill him.

EliteAssass1n4079d ago

my guess: the overall master plan of Rises was conceived before Begins and Neeson is just shooting a flash back.

Soldierone4080d ago

At the end of the day I just hope Nolan isn't ditching his efforts to make Batman his own. The fact everything seems realistic and down to earth is what is making his run with the franchise so great. Change that and who knows what will happen.

I say let the next guy do something new and have the "fantasy" resurrection elements to it.

alycakes4080d ago

This piece doesn't really tell me much and didn't Neesom die in the first one or did I just think he did?

BubbleSniper4080d ago

Raj was known to escape death many times. sometimes with help from the lazarus pit.

LtSkittles4079d ago

No body was shown after the wreckage of the subway.

Eklohmyn4080d ago

Did you mean "which" Batman star?

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