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Russell Crowe Eyes 'Superman' Movie

The actor is in negotiations to play the Kryptonian father in "Man of Steel."

Russell Crowe is negotiations to play the Kryptonian father of Superman in Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed relaunch of Warners’ Superman franchise.

The casting of heavyweight Crowe in the role has a ring of synchronicity to it as it harkens back to the casting of heavyweight Marlon Brando in Warner's 1978 Superman movie.

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Sahil4071d ago

I would love him to be in a superman movie one day.. he'll be the real superman

alycakes4070d ago

I think he'll make a great Kryptonian father. He reminds me of Marlon Brando.

artsaber4070d ago

I believe that role is anesome fit for Russell Crowe. I'm curious as to how this film will shape up.

alycakes4070d ago

They've had some problems but I think in the end it will all come together and I bet it will be an awesome movie.